Juegos de la tapa 10 de los Miguels de 2005

While I analyze my games played of 2005, I thought I'd do my top 10 new games of this year. Yeah I know a bit of the bandwagon going on, but I have my favorites too!

1. Caylus -

I'm sure this will be on lots of folks top ten this year, and its well deserved. I got to play it a few times now, and each time it's a totally different game. That's what I like about it, always a different approach. I look forward to playing this again multiple times in 2006.

2. Elasund: The First City of Catan -

This may surprise some folks, but Elasund to me is a true sleeper of 2005. It's not Settlers, but a game that stands on it's own. Player interaction, and well thought out moves. It can get a bit evil, but I love the action. This is my recommendation of the year.

3. Ticket to Ride Europe -

Ok, yes, I love Ticket to Ride, and TtR:Europe just made it even better. They added elements to make this a more gamer game, and it works.

4. In the Shadow of the Emperor -

This was an interesting game. The mechanics felt fresh. I believe it has good replayability, and look forward to taking another stab at it.

5. Tower of Babel -

This is one that I will get the most disagreement about. It seems this Knizia falls into a love it or hate it category. I'm in the love. It does require a certain group and group think to work successfully. When you have that group, it's a fabulous game.

6. Ars Mysteriorum -

This one surprised me this year. I wasn't a fan of Tahunyatsu-ui-ui-to-to, or what ever it was, so I didn't think this would be a good one. I was wrong, a lot of known mechanics, blind bidding, bluffing, majority, all worked great together. It runs a bit long, but you wouldn't know it.

7. Conquest of the Empire -

Ok, I know. This one could have been Struggle of Empires just as easily, as those were the ruleset I loved. But hey, I've been on a Rome kick this year, and playing this one really sparked my imagination.

8. Lexio -

If you read below, this is one Trick/Climbing games that just happen to click with me. Tichu-Simchu, bring on the Lexio.

9. GemBlo -

What, BlokusX1.5, you bet I love it. Nothing beats being able to play this with 6 players at once. And the placements were different enough to make it fresh and new. Guess the Koreans have hit it big with my this year.

10. Havoc: the Hundred Years War -

My favorite card game of the year. And my name is in the rules, so whoo hoo. It's a poker variant, and I like the gameplay. Great work Sun River!

So that is my Top 10 of 2005. I thought a pretty good year overall. Can't wait to see what 2006 brings....

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