Labor Day Return

Ok, so its been a while since I've posted here. So I thought I would try and see if I can be more diligent with my neglected blog.

I went to Michigan for the Labor Day weekend to visit with family. Of course I always bring games. Usually they are small box card games. One that I can take with my carry on that won't be construed as a bomb or other questionable restricted item now on the home security hot list. (I doubt I'd get Lexio on board as not being some sort of explosive device).

This year I brought with me

Franks Zoo -- Always a favorite with the Bridge/Spades players.
Bohnanza -- Just the flat our favorite of my sisters and brother-in-law
Flea Circus
No Thanks!
Tichu -- Which I have yet to get to the table.

As always all my cousins, sisters and brothers, and an aunt or two love playing all of them. It was non stop "Another round of the bean game?" Always good to hear. ;)

One thing saddens me every year. I had distinct memories of my parents and my Aunts/Uncles playing cards almost on a daily basis. pinochle, Bridge, Hearts, Spades, etc. They would play into the wee hours in the night, and us kids would beg for them to let us play.

Nowadays however, they almost refuse to play cards or games as they did back in the day. "Oh no, you kids have a good time" Heard so many times this weekend (Of course all of us "kids" are in our 30's)....They won't even play the games they knew. Is this the fate I have to look forward too, when I no longer want to play TGOO???

What happened to those rip roaring games of their past when they were in their 30's, but no longer?

No worries though. I had plenty of takers....

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