Conquest of the Empire (HBO Style)

To continue my Rome kick lately, I convinced the local provinces that Conquest of the Empire was in order. This of course is the new edition from Eagle Games that includes a new ruleset base on the Struggle of Empires rules. So I thought I would write of a session report HBO style.
49 BC. Prelude

Rome is on the brink of civil war. Cassus is dead and Rome is ripe for the picking. Here are the major players in this new fight for the title of Caesar. Pompey (Played by Kevin), Scipio (Played by Susan), Cato (Played by Mark), Julius Caesar (Played by John), and Marc Antony (Played by myself).

48 BC. Season One

After defeating the Gauls, Caesar and Antony established themselves over the Alps and into the Italian peninsula. The effect of chasing away the Senate under Pompeys control, left Rome and southern Italy to the whims of Caesar and Antony forces. Being allies they shared Gaul. Caesar kept his influence in tact in Hispania. Scipio fled south and established control on Sicily and with his naval control unopposed in Carthage and into Egypt. Pompey, still quite a powerful figure fled to Asia and Greece and with his allies and established his influence over the eastern part of the empire, and over the rich kingdom of Egypt.
Cato, with ardent hatred of Antony that stemmed from an earlier campaign that Antony left Cato's Legions to the whims of the Gauls, swore vengeance against the alliance of Antony and Caesar. Cato Still had the strong 6th legion in the region of Gaul, however was surrounded by the Legions of Antony and Caesar. He knew he had to recruit more and spent many Talents to insure the garrison in Gaul. Cato also knew the exploits of Caesar and spent most of his time training his troops for a later campaigning in Rome. Scipio, with his control of Sicily increased his influence further and recruited more troops to keep out Antony’s Legions strong in southern Italy. Scipio with his allies Cato and Pompey continued to maneuver their influence in the eastern provinces into Greece and Asia. Antony with a large influence in Rome and Southern Italy began recruiting into his XIII Legion. He controlled the majority of Gaul, and set his sights on dealing with Cato and his newly trained Legion in the area.
47 BC. Season Two
Again the Alliance of Cato, Pompey, and Scipio continued into the new season. Many Talents were spent to persuade the changes in allegiances. Antony, noting the powder keg growing in Gaul under the control of Cato, attempted to bring Cato into his own Alliance against even Caesar. Pompey however who hadn’t spent as many of his reserves to recruit new troops, instead used it to sway Cato away from Antony and back into the old Alliance.
Caesar this season took advantage of a new barbarian threat in the Germanic territories to increase the size of his dreaded 7th legion in Greece, to the dismay of Cato and Pompey. Scipio again entrenched in Sicily, not being able to push his troops into Italy continued to increase his influence and establish a city in the region. This would bring much needed revenue and solidify control of Sicily to Scipio. Antony with his single garrison in Sicily knew he wouldn’t be able to protect his interest there and fled into southern Italy. Scipio without a direct path to Rome decided the only way to establish any control would be to go to Egypt and raise a fleet of ships to gain naval superiority on the Italian peninsula. Using this new found fleet Scipio began battling Antony’s small fleet off the coast of Hispania. However the battle came down to a draw after three months, and Antony was able to successfully ward off the attack. Cato continued to maneuver in the eastern provinces of Greece and Galatia and gain influence. Cato still had his eyes on Rome, and planned to move his 6th legion out of Gaul and over the Alps, but waited for the snows to finally melt. Caesar moved out of Southern Italy and finally gained control of Rome itself. Antony in turn moved into Southern Italy and took over controlling influence of the region. Pompey now entrenched in Egypt with his navy moved into the coast of Hispania, and began battle with Antony. Antony this time was not so lucky, and his navy was completely decimated.
46 BC. Season Three
Again Antony failed to bring Cato into alliance with him against Caesar, as Pompey, still with what seemed to be endless coffers of gold swayed Cato away. Ceaser began eyeing the Eastern Provinces thinking now would be the time to gain a foothold into Galatia. Caesar moved his 9th legion into place ready to strike Pompey and Cato. Pompey however noticed the movement and had Caesars top general Curio assassinated before Caesar has a chance to attack. This left the whole 9th legion stranded and essentially useless for the rest of the campaign. This angered Caesar, which prompted him to bring the senate in Rome to a vote to raise a massive army inside the borders of Rome itself. This would prove to be detrimental to Caesar as Cato had used all his influence in the Senate and now had gained control of a huge Legion of men right at the gates of Rome. Cato now seeing his chance to take control of the Rome region also pressed Egypt into building him a Naval power, and moving it off the coast of Italy. He then quickly moved his 9th Legion out of Gaul, crossing the Rubicon into Rome to support his newly raised army. Pompey also used this time to move his 4th Legion out of Asia and crossing the Alps into Rome to support Cato’s forces. All this had left Antony weakened with his XIII Legion undermanned in Rome. He did however still held onto influence in the region. Cato threatened to attack Antony in southern Italy, but after discussing it with his advisors found that his coffers lows on funds and a battle at this time would not be enough to gain controlling influence in the region.. Cato knew that with his control of the cities of Greece he would be able to raise enough Talents to attack and push Caesars ally, Antony out of Rome, and buy out his influence the next season.
Scipio knew that with Antony reinforcing his Rome Legions it left Hispania with a minimal garrison, moved his 11th Legion into the territory to claim influence in the next season. He was under the assumption that Antony would be too busy fighting Cato and his forces in Rome.
45 BC. Season Four
Pompey, severely weakened in the east after several small skirmishes, was denied by his own allies Cato and Scipio, and forced into an unlikely alliance with Antony and Caesar. Antony knowing that Cato was now positioned in Rome for an all out attack spent all his remaining Talents to buy as much influence in the region, and with his XIII Legion fled to Hispania. This was a surprise to Scipio, who in turn fled back into Northern Africa. Scipio pushed his forces into Egypt, which was still a pivotal region for control. Since now that Caesar had also abandoned Hispania for Rome, Antony took controlling influence in that territory. The abandonment of Rome changed Cato’s plans for attacking Antony now that his forces matched but not exceeded Caesar’s. All Cato could do now was to buy as much influence in the region to gain favor again in the senate.
Caesar had other plans however. He himself ran off to Eastern Territories, and met up with his 9th Legion and moved in to attack any remaining Scipio and Cato forces. The battle that everyone was waiting for in Rome however, never came about. It would all be determined with the influence in the penisula. Pompey, now seeing his weakness in Rome fled with his army back to Egypt, and with his naval fleet decimated Cato’s and Scipio’s Legions out of the land of Pharoahs. Scipio, which had an alliance with Cleopatra however still held onto some influence. Pompey who believed he had his allies for the next attack on Rome was caught off guard as Egypt up rose against him.They took out most of Pompey’s army in a slave revolt. This would be Pompey’s final battle, and final resting place.
Antony in turn made one last small drive into Northern Africa, in an attempt to pick up some influence away from Scipio. This would keep Scipio at bay from moving into Hispania.
44 BC. In conclusion
Scipio never able to set foot into Rome, but had the favor of all of Rome’s eastern and southern territories. This gave him the most prestige in the Senate and gave Scipio control of Rome in the end, Ave Caesar!. Cato had gained partial control of Rome itself, but never exceeded Caesars. But Cato also had kept much control in the eastern territories and Gaul. This however didn’t give him enough influence in the Senate, and lost to Scipio. Marc Antony’s push out of Rome hurt him deeply, but he still retained some influence in Rome, control in Southern Italy, Gaul and Hispania. This still put him below Cato’s influence and left him without victory. Caesar held on to control of Rome throughout the war, yet lost too much influence in Rome’s other territories. This left him weakened in the senate, below even Antony himself. Pompey met his end in Egypt, and that was the end of his revolt.
The Game Itself.
What a cool game this was. Lots of player interaction. They did an excellent job in toning down the Struggle of Empire rule, but not losing any of its essence. The game ran rather long (5 ½ hours) but we couldn’t tell as it flowed flawlessly. The Map is gynormous, and the peices are pretty. The rules were straightforward and easy to grasp. I think Eagle finally made a winner.       


Early in the game

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Cato? I should have been Julius Caesar to your back-stabbing Marc Antony! Good report.

Rome forever!

Posted by: Mark Hamzy | Oct 17, 2005 6:08:44 PM

Excellent write-up!

Posted by: SusanR | Oct 19, 2005 9:16:01 AM

Can you believe that I could remember all those details. I suprised even myself. Thanks for the replys. Rome!

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