Too Fast, Too Furious!

Splitting the pieces up for easy access, I sit there. Teeth grinding with anticipation, I stare at the other players across the table. I have to remind myself, turn over the pieces, you can use both sides. I usually forget. Mark passes out the next sheets. I’m ready, must focus. I grab the dice and state “Everyone Ready”. Everyone nods. I toss the die, “Snake!”. Adam flips the timers. It’s on! Green, Blue, Red square, brown L. Got them. Quickly, place, move, place, faster. Adam yells “Ubongo!” Damnit, must focus. There it is, I see it. Then scream “Ubongo!” No time to think must anticipate the next round. Teeth begin grinding again……


Yes, Ubongo was on order today. A puzzle game that you try and solve as quickly as possible to gain gemstones on the board. Each player has a selection of “Tetris” style pieces. Then a player puzzle is passed out to each player. On each board is a different configuration that players must fit the tetris pieces into before the timer runs out. Then the die is tossed. After words the timer is set and all players flip their boards. On the back each figure on the die represents 3-4 different pieces that the player must use to solve that puzzle. The first person to finish gets to move his pawn up to three spaces on the gem track and take two gems. Then second place moves two spaces and takes two gems, and so on. If you don’t solve the puzzle before the timer, you get nothing. And yes it does happen quite a bit. It’s a fun and fast paced game, that will have you on edge the whole time. Really bends your mind! We started with the three tile version, but found it to be somewhat too easy. So then we played the four tile, and even Adam who was kicking our butts, missed a couple boards. There are multiple colored gems to select from on the board, and to win you score the gems you have the most of. Fun game.

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