This month goes all the way to Eleven

What a slow month this has been for gaming. I got in a whopping "11" games in. Sad indeed. Will have to make up this month for the lack of commitment. I did however get in some interesting new games.

Warhamster Rally

Fun chaotic racing game. Maybe one of my favorite racing games. Definitely my favorite Jolly Roger game.


Yes, a party game of all things. My outdoor group has an occasional boardgame night. I really try and introduce them some of my games, but the party games take over. No matter, I had fun, and was the master "hummer" for the evening.


Favorite 8-10 player game. Very fun "traitor" type game.

Trump, Tricks, Game!

Big Boo! Well may have to give it a few more tries, but it's not winning any points so far.



Interesting abstract game that I was destroyed in. I think I scored ZERO for the game. I liked it, but just didn't click on my first playing.



I always play yellow, and the Yellow dice are just flawed! another game I usually end up at around ZERO points every time I play. I still like it as a push you luck game, but also hate it.. grrr...



Very cool new Knizia. I need to get more plays of this in soon. People call it a better alhambra, but I am still partial the latter. Still interesting possibilities.


Another "push you luck" winner in my book. Very fun game. I know they are reprinting it with less chrome, so I'm glad I got the original.



Good old Medici. This must be the month of "push your lucks games". I am definitely buying the new french edition as previously mentioned.


Nice set collection card game. Had fun playing it. The theme and colors are odd, but the gameplay is pretty good.


In the Shadow of the Emperor

Great game. Was the first time I got to play it after owning it for three months. Such a shame I didn't get it out earlier. I think I may like it almost as much or better than Louis XIV.

So there you have it, a small quick month. Next month targeting at leat 25 games!

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