It's a hard knock life.

Bunny2Fiese Freunde Fette Feten, Or FFFF as it will be called form now on. Is a satirical game of life, where it’s not about what good things you do in life, but what vices you do in life that matters. The game is a basic set collection game, where the goal is to complete 5 life goal cards to win the game. Each player has a different set of goals, and there are 5 super-goals that anyone can complete throughout the game.

Each player starts with a player board. The board is broken up into different section. The attributes, which show you level of Drugs, Religion, Wisdom, Fatness, Bad Health, Smoking, Drinking, and one or two more. The bottom section is where you lovers and friends are broken up. It has your “just friends” section, your lovers/significant others sections, and you divorce/married but hating sections. The last section is for you anonymous sex markers. Players start the game in the puberty stage. Where a selection of ten cards are laid out. One by one players decide to play a card or to “move on”. If they play a card, they get the bonuses that are stated at the bottom of the card. If they move on they receive time chits. In the game time chits are money, why, cause time is money. However the first to move on gets a higher amount of money than the next player to move on, and so one till the last player to move gets no money. Also on your turn you may decide to complete a life goal (As it takes five to win). The next sessions of turns are the “real life” turns. It works a little differently. Here the active player may put a card up for auction, but only if he is capable of meeting the needed requirements on the top left of the card. If the card contains relationships, other players may tag along in the card and reap its benefits by the use of the complaint chit. As you can see, it is not an easy game to grasp right away, and I haven’t covered many rules.

This was all of ours first playing, so it took a couple of rounds to really get a groove on. As I stated it’s a set collection game mostly, with hilarious cards. Half the fun is just reading what the cards state on them. Definitely a game that must be played with the “right” crowd. But it was fun, and it did have room for player screwage. Of course we had very little, as it looks like it will take some more plays to really understand how to truelly interact and mess up the other players. I do look forward to playing this again soon. I got the original german edition, as I hear the RGG may santize it a bit, and I really wanted the original. FFFF, it's the good life. 

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