Alexander be Resonable!

For Labor Day games I had a chance to try Alexander the Great by Phalanx Games. It was an interesting game, as I thought it would be a wargame, but it was more of an area control game, with bluffing put into the mix.

 The game is played in 6 phases. Each phase represents a region that Alexander conquers along the way. Each region has between 4-7 areas of control. In each region there can be between 1-3 turns. Each player starts with a fixed number of cities, and a fixed number of temples, and 15 resource cubes. On a turn each player take the 15 cubes and distributes them to 4 areas, turn order, armies, temples, and cities. Then they all reveal them at the same time. Who ever has the most turn order cubes get to choose what turn he will go. In our game that mean going last mostly. Then the remaining turn order goes by you place on the score track. Then on a turn each player moves his whole army to the areas on the region, but has to pay the amount shown on the arrows on the board. That payment must come from the cubes remaining on either temples or cities. This is where turn order comes into play as going last you can see what other people has spent on their turn. Before a players turn ends he can opt to try to build a temple or a city in that region, if it is valid. Then each area in the region is scored. For cities and temples, who ever has the most cubes on their track will get to build. If they are uncontested then they only pay one cube for temples, and two for cities. If they are contested but won, they pay 1 + the second place amount on his track. You then get 5 points for cities, and 3 for temples. Then the majority of armies in each area of the region gets another 2 points. At the end of the game the play with the most temples get 15 points and most cities gets 10 extra point. Then the majority in each region for temples and cities gets 5 points.

 The trick to the game is the bluffing. I took advantage of what I saw as a strong strategy of cities. I didn’t care much for turn order so I spent all of my resources on armies and cities. This was a psychological move that scared the other players in not trying to contest me, as it would be too costly. I could have been totally taken out if one player contested my building, but that would have taken both players to last I’m sure. So I remained uncontested throughout the game. I’m not sure if it’s a flaw in the game play, as it was completely evident what I was doing. But it totally psyched people out. Overall It was a fun game, if not a tad fragile. I wouldn’t put it on the same level of fragile as say Fifth Avenue. I liked it, blind bluffing games are up my alley, and I like trying to out think other players, even if it sometimes blows up in my face. For this game I think I had a true Adam moment (Group reference), which is rare for me. I will give my thumbs up for Alexander.

Stay tuned for my Super Duper Die Macher session report!


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