I was on vacation last week, so of course I didn't get any games in. Boo. I felt really bad, as my family love playing games with me, and I totally forgot to bring them with me this time. They were quite upset. I thought I would share games that I had an easy time getting my non-gamer types to play. This includes friends and family that always ask me before playing "This isn't a D&D kinda game is it?". I get that a lot. It's the stygma I've have since playing D&D in the mid-eighties. But I digress. Here are some sure fire winners if you are looking for family gateway games.

Bohnanza - I don't care who you are, and what walks of life you are in, I can get anyone and everyone to love Bohnanza.

Bluff - Acts like poker, lots of player interaction, bluffing game. Everyone loves it.

Pickomino - This is a new one for 2005 that I've had tons of success. My new favorite fluffy game.

Ticket to Ride - This one suprised me how many people love playing. The theme you wouldn't think would impress folks but I was wrong. My copy's cards are so worn now that I may need to buy a second.

Coloretto - A quick card game that has a good amount of screwage, and player interaction.

Razzia - Funny this one, I've not got many folks to play Ra, but Razzia seems to click with folks. Maybe the pre-gamers Ra.

I'm the Boss - Everyone loves this game that I've introduced it to. A completely evil game that I always thought required the right kind of people. Just to find out that most people have a wicked vindeictive side. ;)

Trendy - Oh yeah, Trendy is the ultimate filler.

Blokus - Great for folks that like spacial games, who doesn't like blocks?

Can't Stop - A puch your luck game that anyone can pick up and start playing in a minute. Lots of tension, lots of fun

Franks Zoo - A ladder/trick game, that even I like. Falls inline for folks who grew up playing spades, hearts. This one seems to click with them.

10 days in the USA - Easy to learn, everyone has picked this one up as a favorite.

Too Many Cooks - Another card game that looks like a kiddie game, but ends up being meaty and evil.

High Society - Another card game that I've had lots of success introducing to folks.

Settlers of Catan - Of course I can't leave this one out. The ultimate gateway game into gamer-hood. Not everyone likes it, but If I can get people to play and enjoy this one, I can bring them into the fold.

This is my must have collection for every home in America. ;)

Next on the Agenda for the weekend, is my new Game Table top for my foosball table. I am making it portable, and big enough for the biggest of games. Should be pretty when its all done. I will blog the progress.

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