Tricks, Trump, Crash and Burn!

Ok, so as most people who know me know, I am not always the biggest fan of Trick taking games. But I will always try it at least once to see if it will strike a chord. Todays menu was a new trike-taking game from Phalanx called Trump, Tricks, Game.

The game is pretty standard. It has four colors/suites of cards numbered from 1-13 and four trump cards. The game is played in four rounds, where each color is trump once in the game. The four trump colors are shuffled and lay ed out to determine the trump color order. The tricks are played pretty standard, where you play the opening color if you can, and the high trump, or opening color wins the tricks. However each player is only allowed to take exactly three trick for the first three rounds. All cards a player plays after the three won tricks become throwoff. The cards in the mid range have "paw" symbols on them, ranging from 1-3 on cards 6-7-8. To score in each of the first three rounds, you count the number of paws you have and multiply them by the number of different colors you have. The last round is special. The paws mean nothing, and each color card is weighted, ie. each red card is 4pts., green  are  3pts., yellow are 2pts. and blue are 1pt.

On my first playing Somehow on the first round I got all but one red card, which was trump in the next round. THIS IS WAY BAD. As I will most certainly win the first three tricks, that people could throw off no paws! So I ended up with 6 points, while other players were averaging 20-30 points.

It seemed that it is a good idea, to hold off gaining tricks till the last rounds as you will get  a more varied selection of colors and paws. It also seemed like a good idea to get as many final round trump cards as possible so that you can control the last round. This didn't seem to be what happened as both Ed and I got majorly hosed in a specific round.

This game seems REALLY fragile, and I'm not sure if it's striking a positive chord with me. I think I will stick to control nut as my trick-taking game of the year.

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