Listen All Y'all It's a Sabotage!

Sabotage2Mines of Moria beware, for there may be a Sabotuer!
Got a chance to play this fluffy new game today at lunch. The game is simple, you have tunnel cards of all types that you are trying to dig your way to the gold. There are three hidden target cards, and one is the gold and the other two are not. You take turns placing the tunnel cards up to seven in a row to connect the entrance to the gold. There's a trick, other players may be the sabotuer. Each player get a secret role, be he good, or be he bad. If the good dwarves make it to the gold they get gold points ranging from 1-3. But if the sabotuer wins he gets the gold. I like cooperation games with an evil character, like Bang! or Shadows over Camelot. Sabotuer is a fast paced game you play over 3 rounds, the one with the most gold wins. What is really nice about this game is it'll play to 10! Very rare to find a game that will. Listen al Y'all I give Sabotuer two thumbs up. :)

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