July Gaming

July was an interesting gaming month. Got to play some new games, and a few Oldies. Of course several plays of Pickomino, which has been played quite a bit lately around here. I do believe Knizia has a reall good chance of this being his SdJ for 2006. Here's hoping.


My favorite fluzzy game of the year so far. Knizia's swan song.

Too Many Cooks

One of my mre playable trick/ladder games. I always enjoy cooking up a good soup.


This was the first time I've played Andromeda. It was fun. You would think removing dice in a game would take away all the luck. Well I was wrong! Add a salt shaker that excretes little cubes, and whola! Luckfest.

Ars Mysteriorum

A great new game that I can't wait to play again. I liked it way better than Tahunyatsuibaba.

Blindes Huhn

Not sure if this is actually even a game. If it is, it is really terrible. AVOID! That is all.

Can't Stop

Best press you luck game out there. I didn't press my luck enough!

Control Nut!

Another trick/ladder game that I actually enjoy playing. Can't wait to get anouther stab at it.


No body gets between me and my Jordash Genes. Great evolving game, I liked it better than ursuppe.

Formula Motor Racing

Little racing game that I spent mostly in the Pits! Booo!


My first playing of Go. What they say it's true, it does keep you up at night thinking about tactics.


Team Titan took a turn for the worse. First time I've ever lost this game. Still was very tight! Like a tiger.

Louis XIV

Well I owned this game for over a month, and finally got a chance to play. I must say I really liked it, so many new strategies I want to try. Hope it hits the table again soon.

San Juan

Good old San Juan.

Ticket to Ride

What is a month without a playing of Ticket to Ride.

I would have to say my favorite star game of the month had to be **** Ars Mysteriorum ****, If you get a chance try and get this one.

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