Flight of the Warhamster

"I'm mounted on my trusty warhamster. I shall call him Bob. Next to me is my opponents steed, Weave. So begins the flight into the unknown"--Igor the Unsteady

WarhamsterrallyOh yes, it's race time. But why settle for some straightforward race game where you speed up make nice turns, and salute you opponents while passing. Hell no, it's time for PURE CHAOS! That's right it's Warhamster Rally.

By far the craziest race game I've played in a while. Each person has a warhamster that you are trying to move around the arena to the finish. Sounds straightforward except each space has a direction marker that go in every which way but forward. Also you have obsticles like goblin-kin that you can stop and eat for gold, but loose a turn. Or jesters that block you movements. You can spend moeny to move these obsticles around pushing other players onto hexs that are pointed in other directions. The trick of the game is you have to "pre-program" you next move. So if you are pushed onto a different hex, you never know which direction you will have to go.

It's an insane yet fun game. I'm suprised anyone moved forward at all.  I did notice that some folks tended to really overthink there next moves as chris rock would put it "You Never Know" where you are going to be. It had the feel of Fearsome Floors. And really, I wonder if Friedmen got a little of his idea from this game.

August 31, 2005 in Game Sessions | Permalink


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