Epileptic Medici

Got to play Medici for lunch yesterday and it had me thinking about a few things. Number one, how much I hate the Rio Grande version of the game. The colors and presentation are terrible! It's so hard to distinguish between comodities. The Amigo german verison is long OOP. But worry not, a new release is in the works and it's pretty. Compare the RGG version:


To the new version:



They've also  seemed to have taken out the "5" spots back to the original format. I like the new one. It's only out in french as of yet. I'm not certain if RGG will reprint this edition, but I hope they do. ;)

(Pictures used from BoardGameGeek)

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well.. it's like I thought!

Posted by: aspendedy | Jun 8, 2009 2:36:04 PM

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