Alpha Niner Bravo

As some other folks around are doing, I am also doing an alphabet soup for 2005. This is a good chance to force myself to played some unplayed titles that sit on the shelves begging to be played. This month was supposed to be my "A" and "B" month, I wish I could have played more. I could also go in reverse as I got in a "Y" and "Z". Not a bad start.

"A"ge of Steam: Can you believe it, have never played AOS before. Have played Volldamf. AOS is a pretty cool game, very tense. Being my first play, it was just all about not going bankrupt. Money is uber tight.  I am hoping to get more plays of this in this year.

"B"illabong: Funny little checkers like racing game where you try and get kanjaroos through the billabong. Not bad.

"Y"s : Pretty cool blind bluffing game.

Das "Z"epter von Zavandor: Ok, way cool outpost replacement. So far for 2005 this is by far my favorite game.  If you haven't played this yet, DO SO! Very cool.

"Z"ircus Flohcati: Very fast little card game. Fun 5 minutes.

Starting tommorrow is the month of "C" and "D". I got an early start at fridays lunch and had a chance to play Chessington . I know it's few days early but hey I'll take it. Chessington is a interesting race game where the pieces match movement the same as chess pieces.

Here are some of the games that I am hoping to get on the table this month. These are all the ones I haven't played yet and have access to:

  • Cannes
  • Capitol
  • Carolus Magnus
  • Clans
  • Condottiere
  • Domaine
  • Doge
  • Dragon Delta
  • Drunter und Druber

I've heard good things about Carolus Magnus and have been wanting to try it for a while. I am shocked about Domaine, as I have it on my shelf. So sad!

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